HunterTR Affiliate Service Terms of Use

The Member Usage Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) governs the relationship between Metaproto Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “Members”) defined in the following text, regarding the HunterTR Affiliate Service provided by the Company.

Article 1: Definitions

In this Agreement, unless otherwise specified by the context, the defined terms shall have the following meanings:

(1) Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program is a system in which companies or online services have their products or services promoted, advertised, and sold by individuals or website owners (referred to as affiliates or partners). (Hereinafter referred to as the “Company’s Program”).

(2) Lifetime Commission

Lifetime Commission is a type of reward in the affiliate program. While regular affiliate commissions are typically paid for sales or leads within specific periods or conditions, the Lifetime Commission offers a unique feature. With Lifetime Commission, affiliate partners receive continuous rewards as long as the customers they referred not only make an initial purchase or action but also continue to use the products or services over time. At our company, we pay our members a predetermined reward for every FX trade made by visitors referred by the member on HunterTR.

(3) HunterTR

HunterTR is the name of the foreign exchange margin trading service provided by our company. (Hereinafter referred to as the “Company Service” or “our service”).

(4) Visitor

A visitor refers to the general users who visit our operated websites, blogs, and similar platforms. In this agreement, the term “Visitor” also includes individuals who register for our company service through the media owned by the member.

(5) Affiliate

An affiliate refers to individuals or website owners who participate in the affiliate program, promote and advertise products or services of other companies or online services, and receive rewards based on their performance. In this Agreement, the term “Affiliate” refers to those who have entered into a partnership with our company as defined in Article 4.

Article 2: Services Provided

The Company provides a network operated and managed by the Company, enabling members to utilize the affiliate program.

Article 3: Monitoring Activities

1.The Company, at its discretion, shall perform monitoring activities (hereinafter referred to as “Monitoring Activities”) to ensure that members are using the Company’s Program in accordance with this Agreement and that no actions in violation of this Agreement or fraudulent activities are being conducted.

2.In the event that Monitoring Activities in the preceding paragraph discover any actions that the Company deems to be in violation of this Agreement, fraudulent, or likely to result in violations or fraudulent activities, the Company may terminate the membership of the affiliate from the Company’s Program.

Article 4: Partnership

Members can enter into a partnership with the Company by clicking the “Partner” button on the Company’s Program webpage, following the Company’s instructions, and accepting all the rewards and other conditions set forth by the Company. By doing so, the member submits an application and receives the Company’s approval, becoming a partner with the Company.

Members understand that the payment conditions of this program may be subject to changes at the Company’s discretion.

Article 5: Termination of Partnership

1.Members have the right to terminate their partnership with the Company at any time by notifying the Company through the designated method specified by the Company.

2.Members understand that their partnership may be terminated by the Company without prior notice.

Article 6: Setting Affiliate Links

Members shall set links within their own websites in accordance with the conditions specified by the Company and shall not modify these conditions without the Company’s permission.

Article 7: Management of ID and Password

Members are responsible for securely managing the ID and password assigned by the Company. If the ID and password are used by others or if any damages occur due to negligence in their management, the member shall bear full responsibility.

Article 8: Management of Member Transactions

1.The Company shall provide members with a dedicated management page (hereinafter referred to as the “Control Panel”) on the web. Members are obligated to access this Control Panel regularly to review their daily transactions and are required to immediately report any inaccuracies or incorrect transactions to the Company.

2.The Company shall not be held responsible for any disputes or issues arising from a member’s failure to report inaccuracies or incorrect transactions in a timely manner.

Article 9: Payment of Performance Rewards

1.The Company shall provide performance rewards to members.

2.The payment of performance rewards shall be made through the method specified by the Company.

3.The determination of rewards shall be conducted on a daily basis, and in the case of weekends or market holidays, the rewards shall be paid in a lump sum on the next business day or the day after.

4.The payment of rewards shall be made to the Company’s FX account set up by the member for receiving payments.

5.If the member is suspected of engaging in fraudulent or suspicious activities, and an investigation is deemed necessary, the Company may suspend the payment of rewards to the member until the necessary investigation is completed. The Company shall not be held liable for any damages incurred by the member or any third party resulting from such action.

Article 10: Service Maintenance

Network maintenance shall be carried out periodically and irregularly. During such maintenance, members shall not raise objections to the suspension of the Company’s Program, and the member shall not claim any compensation for damages incurred as a result of such maintenance against the Company or any third party.

Article 11: Confidentiality and Handling of Personal Information

1.Members agree that the following cases may lead to the disclosure of their registration information and transaction data obtained through the program to external parties:
(1) In the case of information already publicly known.
(2) In response to orders, investigations, or requests from courts, police, or other governmental agencies, or when the Company deems it necessary to submit information in legal proceedings or other procedures to courts, police, or other governmental agencies.
(3) When the Company deems it necessary to investigate situations where the member is suspected of engaging in fraudulent or suspicious activities.

2.The Company shall handle members’ personal information appropriately based on the “Personal Information Protection Policy,” except in cases specifically stipulated in this Agreement. By agreeing to this Agreement, the member is also deemed to have consented to the “Handling of Personal Information.”

Article 12: Member Withdrawal

Members may withdraw from the Company at any time by notifying the Company of their intention to do so through the designated contact channel.

Article 13: Prohibited Actions

Members must not engage in the following prohibited actions:
(1) Modification of advertising materials, link codes, or any specified conditions provided by advertiser members without their permission.
(2) Requesting, urging, or coercing visitors to make purchases, leads, or clicks solely for the purpose of earning rewards, unrelated to the introduction or advertisement of the Company’s website, or selling, distributing, or publicly disclosing products or manuals that contain content that encourages the aforementioned prohibited actions.
(3) Providing incentives (e.g., unique points) to visitors in exchange for actions such as application submissions, except in cases expressly permitted by the Company.
(4) Engaging in fraudulent activities, either alone or in collusion with third parties, such as deceivingly mimicking actions that trigger the generation of performance rewards, or any other acts deemed as attempting to unjustly obtain performance rewards by generating clicks, orders, or registrations that deviate from the advertising purpose and intent of the Company’s program.
(5) Displaying advertisements on media other than the sites registered with the Company.
(6) Engaging in or encouraging activities that violate various laws or cause inconvenience to other members, the Company, and third parties (including the Company).
(7) Engaging in spam activities, such as sending spam emails, posting advertisements on bulletin boards, engaging in PPC advertising, or any other inappropriate advertising methods or means determined by the Company as unsuitable.
(8) Any other actions deemed inappropriate by the Company.

a.The determination of the presence of prohibited actions shall be made by the Company, and no explanation or justification shall be required to be provided to the member. The determination of the presence of prohibited actions shall be considered valid if based on reasonable grounds recognized by societal norms, and in such cases, the member shall have no right to object.

b.The Company shall have the right to request suspected members to submit server log files.

Article 14: Compulsory Withdrawal and Confiscation of Performance Rewards

1.The Company reserves the right to unilaterally and without any prior notice or warning, withdraw a member from the program for the following reasons:
(1) Non-compliance with the provisions of this Agreement by the member.
(2) Suspected engagement in illegal activities by the member.
(3) Suspected involvement in prohibited actions by the member.
(4) Any other reasons deemed inappropriate by the Company for the member to remain in the program.

2.In the event that the circumstances mentioned in the preceding paragraph occur or the member is withdrawn from the program due to the reasons stated in the preceding paragraph, the Company may confiscate any outstanding performance rewards as a penalty and also refuse to make any further payments to the member.

Article 15: Suspension, Modification, Amendment, Addition, and Deletion of the Company’s Program

1.The Company reserves the right to suspend, modify, amend, add, or delete the content of its program at any time.

Article 16: Qualifications

The qualifications for becoming a member shall be as follows:
(1) Not operating the following types of websites:
Adult sites, sites displaying links to adult sites or adult banners, sites advocating violence or abuse, sites promoting racial discrimination, sites violating other laws, and sites that violate public order and morals.
(2) The site’s representative being at least 18 years of age.
(3) Providing accurate information at the time of member application.
(4) Reading and agreeing to comply with this Agreement.
(5) Providing truthful data and information to the network after the program starts.
(6) Not having been previously withdrawn as a member from the Company’s service.

Article 17: Member Information Update

If any changes occur to the registered member information, the member shall promptly update the information through the member’s control panel. However, changes to the name (including the account holder’s name) can only be made through the Company’s prescribed procedures in cases of unavoidable circumstances.

Article 18: Limitation of Warranty

The Company does not provide any guarantees to any individual regarding the following:
(1) The uninterrupted and problem-free operation of the Company’s program.
(2) The constant repair of defects on the Company’s program.
(3) The absence of destructive components such as computer viruses within the Company’s program.
(4) The provision of sufficient security measures for (3) above.

Article 19: Limitation of Liability

In the event that a member withdraws, regardless of the reason, neither the member nor related parties can claim damages from the Company or advertiser members.

Article 20: Transfer or Assignment of Position and Title

Members are prohibited from transferring, assigning, lending, or establishing collateral on all or part of their position and title as members, as well as their rights and obligations stipulated in this Agreement.

Article 21: Force Majeure

In the event of non-performance due to circumstances beyond reasonable control, including but not limited to natural disasters, authorities’ inaction, fires, strikes, floods, epidemics, riots, or acts of war, neither party shall be held responsible for delays or inability to fulfill obligations under this Agreement.

Article 22: Revision of this Agreement

1.The Company reserves the right to make changes and revisions to this Agreement at any time without the consent of the members, at its own discretion.

2.The revised version of this Agreement, after the aforementioned changes, shall apply to all relationships between the Company and its members from the time it is posted on the website.